Pure Desire for Him

Pure Desire for Him
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Pure Desire™ is a powerful, fast-acting proprietary, dietary supplement that has been scientifically formulated using all natural ingredients and tested to enhance sexual desire, boost testosterone, increase stamina and to support enhanced blood flow. More details...
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Product Details
Product Details

An Independent Review of Pure Desire

By Dr. Abbas Qutab, MD, DC, PhD et al.

  • Board-certified in Naturopathic Medicine
  • 2003 DR. Qutab received the "Physician of the Year” award for his active role in the NRCC of the National Health Care and Medicare Reforms Committee.
  • Founder of Élan Vital Medical Centers
  • He holds degrees in medicine, oriental medicine and chiropractic, and has a Ph.D. in ayurvedic medicine.
  • He is one of very few physicians in the U.S. who has been awarded an honorary Sc.D. from the World Health Organization Charted University for his work in promoting alternative medicine.
  • Author of Nitric Oxide "The Molecule of Life” 

Pure Desire is the most comprehensive, non-prescription formula I have evaluated for promoting sexual health for men and women. As a practicing clinician, it is always a challenge to find a formula which contains ingredients which are safe and effective. The purified ingredients used in Pure Desire have been proven effective in addressing the underlying issues which lead to sexual dysfunction in both men and women. 

  • Increased stamina and performance
  • Boosts and optimizes testosterone levels
  • Increased sexual desire by 64%
  • Increased energy levels
  • Sustained erections and pleasure
  • Intensified orgasms
  • Spontaneously achieve arousal
  • Harder, longer lasting erections
  • No planning or waiting

PUREDesire™ for Him is a powerful, fast-acting, dietary supplement that is scientifically formulated with natural proprietary ingredients. It is tested to enhance sexual desire, boost testosterone, increase stamina and support enhanced blood flow for harder, stronger erections. Unlike botanical products that have limited results, and may have many side effects, PUREDesire™ for Him is supported by years of Real Science that Delivers Real Results.*


  • Firm erections on demand with better control
  • More frequent and more intense orgasms
  • Faster, spontaneous arousal
  • Contains NO artificial ingredients
  • Doctor-endorsed
  • NO unpleasant side effects
  • Drug-free
  • Money-back guarantee

PUREDesire™ for Him is manufactured in a FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) regulated facility. Every box of PUREDesire™ is carefully marked with a lot number and expiration date. Safety and satisfaction is our number one priority.

PUREDesire™ for Him does not contain Yohimbe, a potentially dangerous botanical ingredient found in competitors' products.*

Many proprietary ingredients in PUREDesire™ for Him are doctor designed to enhance circulation to the penis, boost testosterone levels, support nitric oxide production, increase sexual desire and support increased energy.*

PUREDesire™ for Him supports vasodilation, allowing you to relax and enjoy sexual experiences with heightened sensation and pleasure.*

Enjoy sex with confidence and excitement. Perform like never before. Experience the fire and sexual prowess of PUREDesire™ for Him.*

Experience PUREDesire™ for Him today